Headstock Decals Custom - Dancing 01

The Guitar Fabric propose custom headstock decals for your guitar with different font and style. Create your own custom guitar neck decals and make your headstock unique.

In this product you can modified the various text as well as the color of the font. See the detailed description below for further explanation. From the provided information we will adjust with our unique process using both automation and human verification to make sure you get a high quality custom guitar decals.

Learn how to apply a custom decals on a guitar headstock with our decals post on our blog

* A maximum of 5 working days is needed to prepare and send your headstock decals. 

* Image shown are an example and are not associated to any trademark right. All our products includes VAT. 

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Create Your Own Custom Guitar Headstock Decals

Once you have selected your headstock decals color, please fill the relevant options you will find below the main description following these recommendations:

1. The Title of your decals, it should be between 3 to 9 characters

2. The Subtitle, it should be between 7 to 16 characters. It is optional

3. The Description, it should be between 10 to 26 characters. It is optional

4. The Trademark, it should be between 3 to 20 characters. It will come as a second decals to facilitate the integration on your guitar heastock. Depending on the length we will put it on 1 or 2 line (or you can notified us the way you want in the corresponding box, by written Line1: Guitar , Line2: Fabric. Note that the text "ORIGINAL" and PATENDED is by default, so the text you provide will go between these 2 words as per our image examples. Trademark is optional. if you leave this box blanck you want have any trademark text.

5. Adjust the total length of the decals. By default it is standard length of 119mm. If you write a value here - in mm - we will change the length as well as the width to keep the same ratio and not have any text deformation. It will be the same, just smaller.


You have also access to 2 additional options:

1. Get the same identical decals with 70% off. This can be quite usefull if you miss the position or integration of the decals on your neck then you get a second chance

2. Receive a preview image by email to make sure this is what you wanted. Once we know that you are happy we will produce it and send it to you.


For any full custom decals - different font, colors, text position, etc - you can contact us. We can even provide support with our designer to improve your initial concept.

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