Guitar Skin example on electric guitar


Since the launch of our new range of guitar skins, we've been overwhelmed with compliments, ideas, and feedback from our customers. We're thrilled to see excellent reviews pouring in from various channels including eBay, Etsy, and our website.

Many customers have generously shared the installation process, and one common sentiment among them is the difficulty in choosing from our vast and captivating collection of designs!

To those who have purchased or are considering our guitar skins, remember: sharing a photo of your guitar with our skin installed entitles you to a 20% cashback offer.

Now, let's celebrate the fantastic results shared by our customers!


The Nebula Guitar Skins on Telecaster Guitar By Johan from South Africa

"The skins are great. Very easy to fit and apply. A heat gun simplifies the process even more for smoothing out air bubbles but you can also use a plastic card. I put the skin on a telecaster body which had a ash burl top.I first did the headstock for practice.  Piece of cake. I had to sand the burl  body down to get a smoother surface and the skin attached perfectly. I sprayed the skin with a matt finish clear topcoat and the outcome was great. I will certainly use skins from now on instead of spray painting plain wood bodies." by Johan from South Africa

Guitar skin on a telecaster guitar

Guitar for Vinyl Installed on a Telecaster Guitar by Johan from South Africa


Jim Morrison Vinyl for Guitar on Telecaster Guitar by Jeff from Toulouse, France

"It was my first time I use this unusual way to customize a guitar. But in fact it went quite well! Have done some adjustment at the end and honestly after 3 coats of varnish we dont see it is a vinyl. The quality of the paper and the image is great. I will definitely try another guitar... there is a couple of guitar skins available in your store I want to try.";

Guitar wrap installed on Telecaster GuitarGuitar skin on telecaster Guitar

Guitar Skin of Jim Morrison installed on a Telecaster Guitar


Vinyl for Guitar TelecasterGuitar skin on telecaster guitar

Guitar skin of Jim Morrison installed on a Telecaster Guitar Body


Guitar Skin John Lennon on Stratocaster Guitar by Alex from California, US

"Very impressed... I removed the parts of my Strat, watched the video, and read the user guide a couple of times. Then, I positioned my skin to install it the way I wanted and cut around my body as shown in the video. From there, I followed the advice of the technical guy I contacted on your team regarding pickguard cuts, and I did some cutting tests with the leftover skin as you advised. Finally, I started the installation as per the video and user guide. Everything went well. I readjusted when needed and added all the parts again, and here are the results. It was my first time installing a skin, so I really took my time, doing it over several days with maybe a total of 4 hours of work. But I have to say, I am so happy with the results! I never thought it was possible to design a guitar like this. Thanks, guys :)"

Guitar wrap on Stratocaster Guitar skin on Stratocaster Jon lennon Guitar wrap on Stratocaster

John Lennon Guitar wrap on Stratocaster John Lennon Vinyl for Guitar on Stratocaster

Vinyl for guitar on Stratocaster Guitar Skin installed on a strat guitar

Guitar skin of John Lennon installed on a Stratocaster Guitar Body


Guitar Skin Broken Mirror on Stratocaster Guitar by John from Peterborough, UK

Guitar skin on a Stratocaster Guitar 

Guitar Skin on a Stratocaster Guitar.


Guitar Inside Tech Wrap on a Rickenbacker body

Guitar skin on a Rickenbacker body

Guitar Skin on a Rickenbacker guitar


Guitar Skin on a Telecaster Electric Guitar again by Johan from South Africa


Guitar Vinyl installed on electric guitar Guitar skin on telecaster guitar

Guitar wrap on electric guitar

Guitar skin on a tele guitar


Abstract City Guitar Skin on a Stratocaster Guitar by Dave from Lancaster, UK

'Perfect, very pleased with the skin very high quality, looks like a paint job when done.'

Guitar skin installed on stratocaster guitarAbstract City Design Guitar Skin on Stratocaster Guitar